The Prison - Secret Base escape

Room 1 – The charecters wake up as they grasp their first breath. There is a strong alarm around them. They see a set of Chambers with a blue liquid flowing out of them. They are also covered with the same vlue liquid. They have no idea of their sorroundings but they do know their names which are 1,2,3,4,5. Basic knowledge of the world is built in their minds. There are 4 more cellars near them. Breaking them is a possibility but very hard. If they live (not broken) they will pursue the group when they matture. However 2 of them will be taken by a group who will infiltrate the zone. To leave the area Air and Fire members will have to work together. They will both discover their powers now. She can fly him over to the small platform and he melts a hole in the door.

Room 2 – This area is basicly a place in which the workers worked around the facility to monitor the subjects. This place is filled with chairs and the wall is actually a one sided glass. The area is very very clean.

Room 3 – This place is the medical facility and is filled with alot of needeles and chemicals. If they search enough the can find a bunch of chemicals they can take with them. However they may also find that their medical history is written in some of the files. However they do not know their names so its highly unlikely(only chance is if they find the similarity of the disccriptions)

Room 4 – Books and reserch metiral fills this place. There is alot of metirial about cloning (however they will not understand the writings, only if they take the books with them and let someone read it to them they will know). In addition to that books for kids can be found and are readible for them. However there are 2 books about naturally disordered creatures in a language the group can understand. These books contain information about a creature called warewolf.

Room 14 – this is the high security chamber who is at the moment empty. Nothing to see. There are little booths for checkins and nothing more. The group hears sounds from room 12 as they enter this room, sounds of screams. But very weak ones.

Room 12 – The group basicly enters a freakshow zoo. The rooms has 4 chambers with failed experiments who are still alive.
A- this one has semi developed legs which does not enable him the ability to walk. He cannt talk or express his feelings other than move. He can make wierd sounds with his mouth.
B- This one is a really ugly creatur with no esemblence of human body, it seems mostly dead but is actually breathing and not moving.
C- This one has no face at all, It has only naustrills and nothing else. And makes no sound. However it can move and has a very human like shape.
D- This is the only one who can talk, and he has been the main one who has been shouting. He is capable of talking in a really basic way, and he can explain them he is like them but they locked him.

Room 13 – In this room there are 2 armed guards one with a short sword and one with a gun. This is a semi entrance room it has nothing in it but the 3 passages. There is a small airvent in the walls but they are too small to pass through.

Room 15 – Living room. Here the group can find some food and alot of armors and basic weapons. Also in the beds there are a few wiritngs they cannot understand. If they take them with them they will say something about the progress of subject 6 and 7.

Room 7 – basic office room. The 2 guards who are patrolling the area will attack the group at sight and will call the other 2 in the front door to help them.

Room 8 – Another simple office room with some odd liquids in it. Similar to the ones they were in.

Room 9 here there is a broken wall and it seems like its leading somewhere. This is the secret Exit out of the facility.

Room 10 – Entrance room the 2 guards will help the 2 guards in room 7 unless attacked first and then they will call the guys in room 7.

Room 11 – This is a 4 mile long Road that will lead to an exit. In the exit they will find a note saying : “I understand your suspisions, but I am the only one who can help you right now. You must reach the village of Gorf and meet me in 3 days there at the middle of townsquare during the midday. I will wear a red cap and a black cape.” Also there is a map added to the paper.

The Prison - Secret Base escape

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