Village of Gorf

Thus is the village of Gorf where in 3 days they are supposed to meet this shady person from the note. This is a really poor village. Most of the people lve in bad conditions, there is allways a shortage of water, and the food crops barely grow.

Famous Figures :
The Lock – The lock is a secret person who steals from the rich people from the cities that are abit further away and gives the money to the poor people of Gorf. its said that if you need help he will com to you. The Lock appeared 2 weeks ago as the new saviour of the town. About a day before the group comes to town a new rumor spreads that the bad economicall condition is caused by the evil army base nearby and they are responsible for the usage of all the resources.

Dead tire, they come to the city and they find no place to stay. However they get the advice of sleeping outside. Which is the only option.

Day 1 –
1 – If they decide to walk around town, they will notice a gun fight around this location. Actually its a dual. And The nemesies were arguing about how much does 2 kilograms of tomatos cost. This lead quickly to a dual. Adam anvi, the winnder of the dual will the proceed to his purchase of 2 kilogram tomatos at his desired price after he killed the other man. He lives in House A if the group follows him he will notice them and ask them who are they. If they act nicely enough he will help them abit by showing them whats what. The interesting places in town. He does not know who they are. But the use of nameslike 1-5 will make him suspicious as he know of the lab nearby.

Every night the group will hear the hollow of the wolves/dogs from around the town. If they investigate they will reach Point 2 – Here lies the hound cages. The houndskeeper is a nice old man who seems to be in extremly good shape. his hair is quite evolved and wild for a man of his age, and if they look well they can find that his chest hair is really grown.

The sleeping Beggar – In point B sleeps the beggar, he never sleeps at night. He is afraid to die. If asked he says that devilish wolves and even a human like wolf shaped being. Woke him up in one night trying to eat him. Lucky he hit him in the face and ran away.(hint for the old man as wolf)

Before they go to sleep The Lock notices how they go to sleep outside again. And this time he decides to check who they are and why a group of people sleeps outside all the time.
He approaches them as the get ready for bed from the shadows and tells them to please stay quite and he just wants to help them. He apears as a man wearing a black mask on his face and a black cape. He starts to ask them who they are. This guy works with Red cap, his job is to wait for orders untill red cap can meet with the group. Red cap knows that the facility willsend people to find them and he needs them free and alive. Hence he need The Lock to take care of them in the mean while. He leaves them with a key to an abandoned house and tells them to sleep there ©. He gives them 1 silver coin so they can buy some food. He will continue following them.

Day 2 -

Today the first group of 3 man is patrolling the area, to look for the team. The lock shows up in the morning and tells the group that they are in a problem and that there are 3 men who are looking for them. He tells them to stay in the house. Also if the group shares the note with them he tells them that he will keep an eye for them to see when he will come. He ofcourse knows.

Night – At night the group hears an increse in howling and if they look outside they can see that there is a full moon. If the group investigate they find at the area of point 3 alot of the hounds and a wierd looking man-wolf howling through the night. The man won’t attack them the minute they say that their names are 1-5. He was in the facility and got infected by the warewolf Genome. There is a way to cure him inside the facility. In the medical lab there is an unested potion that can partially cure the waredisease, If the group wants they can help the man.

Day 3 – In this morning the doors are being knocked really strong as the group wakes up. As the entire group wakes up the door is broke and 3 men enter the room and shoot out 3 blind shots because of all the dust. As the draw their weapons two of them get shot at the back of their chest, while the remaining one get stabbed in the back. The Lock stands out of the scene and tells them that they are sorry they were late. Also he tells them that he no longer can help them, he must move to another city since these people will probably try to find him.

Village of Gorf

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